US Airways Airbus A320. Photo by Andrew Vane

US Airways Airbus A320. Photo by Andrew Vane

By guest columnist Andrew Vane

Although not as flashy or grandiose as some more colorful liveries, US Airways is still transitioning to brightening their fleet from the blue top/grey bottom to a bright white top and blue bottom (with blue tail).  The flag icon takes center stage on the tail with a bit of wispy lines drifting back along the fuselage.  Gone are the red Air Wisconsin and teal America West colors in favor of a red white and blue themed livery consistent with the airline name.

In addition to the standard livery, US Airways has introduced some retro-themed liveries in former merger/acquisitions PSA Airlines, Piedmont Airlines and Allegheny Air as well as NFL teams from its hubs (Charlotte, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia).

But don’t let the name fool you, US Airways also has flights direct from its Philadelphia and Charlotte hubs for points South to Central America and the Caribbean, and East to Europe with one direct to Tel Aviv (from Philly).

What are your thoughts? Too bland and in need of rebranding or the new normal?

US Airways retro liveries:
* Piedmont
* Allegheny

US Airways NFL liveries:
* Philadelphia Eagles
* Pittsburgh Steelers
* Carolina Panthers
* Phoenix Cardinals


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