Allegiant's Boeing 757 N902NV at Paine Field.

Allegiant's Boeing 757 N902NV at Paine Field.

If you read the blog, you know I have a nice little fascination with Allegiant getting Boeing 757s. From the first announcement, to getting some of the first photos the Boeing 757 in Allegiant livery, to photos of the 757s in the new, new livery and their ETOPS delay.

Dan Webb on his blog, Things in the Sky, has a great update on Allegiant’s 757s. It looks like Allegiant will be pushing back additional purchases of used Boeing 757s and leasing others. They will only be flying one domestically to gain the experience to get ETOPS certified to fly to Hawaii. Allegiant tells me they will be flying N902NV which is currently housed at ATS at Paine Field.

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N902NV is a hunk of junk. I engineered several repairs on that acft and it was a corrosion nightmare. The left winglet is barely installed w/in limits (good by 0.001″ on the shimming). Allegiant can even fly the aircraft out of Paine Field. It hasn’t even received certification for it yet. As well has still failed include the 757 into its maintenance program.

Well, if this engineer was really concerned and is worth his/her weight in salt, s/he would have followed the appropriate procedure and involved the FAA as is appropriate; however, if this “757Engineer” is confident in his/her statement and this aircraft has an issue that harms or ends lives in the future, then I hope this “757Engineer” will come forward and reveal him/herself at that time so s/he can be prosecuted, as would be appropriate. Put your money where your mouth is “757Engineer” and come forward if you have evidence that needs to be scrutinized by the proper aviation authorities, otherwise knock off the rumor.

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