Where in the world do you want to go on Cathay Pacific?

Where in the world do you want to go on Cathay Pacific?

When first hearing about this contest, I had to read the details a few times to make sure I fully understood. I have promoted a few contests from airlines before on the blog, but this one takes the cake. Where some contests might give you a free flight or two, this one from Cathay Pacific will let you fly around the world for 80-days.

That’s right. You get unlimited economy class tickets from Hong Kong to any Cathay Pacific or Drangonair destination for 80-days. You also get 4-days and 3-nights hotel accommodation for every location you travel to and about $350.00 spending money per day.

Of course you will have to put in a little work to win a prize like this. You need to submit either a 30-60 second video, photos or a story that shares, “where in the world would you go in 80-days?” The contest ends on March 6th and on April 12th, 8 finalists will be flown to Hong Kong to compete in a one-day challenge to see who will win the grand prize.

This is probably the biggest and best prize I have seen from a contest hosted by an airline. Surely it is a worth a short video for a chance to travel around the world for 80-days. Game on and good luck!


Image: Andrew Sieber

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please add you contest.

I know the competition is over but I am curious about something. In the photo above of the B777 the aircraft appears to be taxiing with its RAT (Ram Air Turbine) down – something that normally only deploys in a sudden loss of power on board the aircraft. – if you are not sure what I am referring to look for the little propeller under the rear fuselage.
Does anyone have data on this photo?


Good catch Jeff.

The photo was taken at Paine Field, where the plane was manufactured. I am sure it was a test that they were running.


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