An All Nippon Airways Boeing 767 on the Taxiway at Haneda. The new international terminal is in the background.

An All Nippon Airways Boeing 767 on the Taxiway at Haneda. The new international terminal is in the background.

Let me introduce you to Tokyo’s two airports: Narita Airport and Haneda Airport.

Historically Haneda has handled domestic flights and Narita has handled international flights. Haneda is located just outside of downtown Tokyo, where Narita is about 50 miles east of Tokyo.

If passengers flew into Haneda to make a connection for an international flight, they would have had to take an hour long bus or train ride to Narita to get their connecting international flight.

But things are changing. On October 21st Haneda opened their new International Terminal and commenced their first scheduled international flights in 32 years. Some short-haul international flights have already started, and long-haul will start on October 31st.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) will start two flights from Haneda on the 31st: one from Los Angeles using a Boeing 777-200ER and the other to Honolulu using a Boeing 767-300ER.  ANA will also start code-share flights from Haneda with Air Canada, Air China, Asiana Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Thai Airways International, all members of Star Alliance, as well as with Eva Airways and Malaysia Airlines.

Air Canada will fly a Haneda-Vancouver route and Malaysia Airlines will start a Haneda-Kota Kinabalu route. ANA will also start code-shares on four flights to Singapore with Singapore Airlines, two flights to Bangkok with Thai Airways International, two flights to Seoul (Gimpo) with Asiana Airlines, two flights to Beijing with Air China, and four flights to Taipei (Songshan) with Eva Airways.

So what does this mean for you? Convenience. If you are in the US and looking to visit Tokyo or fly into Tokyo to transfer to another domestic flight, it will now be much easier. Yes, tickets will cost a bit more to Haneda, but you will save the bus or train fare and of course time. Saving time can be worth the money if you are travelling on business or even on vacation.

During a press conference Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines and ANA were all asked if they have seen their booking to Narita decline due to the new competition from Haneda and all three stated at this point they have not.

Competition never seems to hurt passengers and hopefully this will be the case of Haneda initiating international flights. Currently the long haul flights won’t directly compete with the ones from Narita due to time restrictions at Haneda. Long-haul flights can only take off or land at Haneda from midnight to 5am, times which Narita is closed.

Not only does Haneda increase the diversity of passengers and aircraft, they also got a brand spanking new international terminal that is quite amazing. On my next blog I will take you on a little tour of that new terminal.

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Touring Haneda Airport’s New International Terminal

Is the new airport where the new Hawaiian Air flight will operate out of?? Wow. I haven’t been to NRT since the fall of 1983. Holy smokes….I’m old.

Haneda isn’t new by any stretch, but it is where Hawaiian will operate its flights to and from HNL. In addition to Hawaiian getting service approval from HNL, DOT tapped DL for service from LAX and DTW (both with 747-400s), and American from JFK (772). I’m hoping to test out the latter flight in February.

Haneda was the primary airport in Tokyo hosting international flights before Narita opened in the 1970s. The same goes for Osaka-Itami before Osaka-Kansai opened.

The usage of Japanese airports totally confounds me. Japan, a country of 125 million people, can basically only get int’l travelers to fly into Narita and now Haneda. Other int’l airports with fantastic facilities like Kansai in the metro Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto area serves a population of around 18 million but it struggles to get int’l carriers to fly into it. The situation is similarly bad for Nagoya. It just seems to me that foreign travelers and even Japanese only want to travel internationally out of and into Narita and now Haneda. Very strange IMHO.

if I recall, the landing fees at KIX are/were astronomical.

Charles Robertson

Haneda is a much nicer airport. Very relaxed & spacious.

Narita is more hectic.

It’s like the difference between London Hearhrow Terminal 1-4, and London Heathrow Terminal 5. The latter is like Haneda.

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