Boeing 787 Dreamliner ZA006 takes off earlier today from Paine Field. Photo by simpilot459 via Flickr

Boeing 787 Dreamliner ZA006 takes off earlier today from Paine Field. Photo by simpilot459 via Flickr

The sixth Boeing 787 Dreamliner (ZA006) successfully took off from Paine Field (KPAE) at 11:43am. It was scheduled to fly for a about three hours, but cut its flight short after about an hour, landing at Boeing Field (KBFI).

Boeing tells Aubrey Cohen with the Seattle PI that the flight was cut short due to a “maintenance issue,” but they are still counting it as a success. “The air crew experienced a maintenance issue during flight and as a precautionary note decided to land at Boeing Field,” Boeing 787 spokeswoman Yvonne Leach said. “A flight of this length is still considered a success first flight and we are proud to have the sixth and final flight test airplane enter the program today.”

Unfortunately, I was not able to make it for the take off or landing, but Boeing stated they will be posting video of the take off in the near future. I will be updating this blog with more information as it is received.

Check it out:
* Video from Liz Matzelle (@ImperfectSense) of ZA006 completing simulated landing test on Saturday at KPAE
* Photos and video from KPAE blog
* Flight path of ZA006 flight today via Flight Aware
* Simpilot459 also got two photos of ZA006 on taxi: ONE & TWO
* Nice nighttime photo of ZA006’s nose at Boeing’s fuel dock via @Sabian404

Image: Simpliot459

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Its a sign of the times I guess. Seems like just months ago a 787 first flight was covered by national networks down to bloggers such as yourself. Now we get video at a later date. Bummer. Glad I forgot about it as I’d be miffed going around the web trying to find some live video this afternoon. As always I appreciate YOU covering the flight.

Well I might be blogging about it, but I couldn’t be there this time :(. Boeing should be posting a video of ZA006 flight and I will be sure to link to it.


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