Kyrgyzstan Tupolev Tu-154M

Kyrgyzstan Tupolev Tu-154M

If you like old school liveries on old-time Russian birds, do I have an airline for you! Kyrgyzstan Airlines has a great combination of a bunch of different aircraft types and different liveries.

The airline is based in Bishkek, Krygyzstan and offers service to Russia, China, Tajikistan UAE, India, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

Their English version of the website doesn’t seem to be working and I can’t find too much information why there are so many livery types for an airline that has only been around since 2001. I am assuming they are liveries of previous airlines they purchased their aircraft from.

I kind of prefer the blue tail the best, but it looks to be an older style livery. Here are just some of the more interesting combinations I found:

* TU-154 with mutli-color livery
TU-134 in multi-color livery

* Blue tail Yak-40

* TU-154 with blue tail
* Airbus A320 with blue tail

TU-154 in a very old Russian-style looking livery
TU-134 in the same old style livery

Mostly white TU-154
* Boeing 737 that matches the colors and “AK” on their website
* Boeing 737-200 in a totally different livery

Blog Image: Osdu

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