Hartsfield’“Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is the busiest airport in the world. Yet, they don’t have a heck of a lot of large aircraft flying in and out. You might catch an Air France Boeing 747-400 or Lufthansa Airbus A340, but you will mostly see smaller Delta Air Lines aircraft,  like the Boeing 767 down to regional jets.  This video was shot from the balcony of my hotel room while down in Atlanta last week. Originally it was about 15 minutes long, but sped it up 700%. Check out that DC-10 being towed near the end.

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pretty darn cool!

Great video David, I think you need to go to St Maarten next, need company ? LOL
Have a great weekend.

Great vid!

LOL @ “smaller aircraft like the 767” 🙂

Very interesting! It’s funny, Atlanta is the nations largest airport, but have you ever seen the landing or takeoff patterns at LaGuardia (LGA) in New York, or even worse, Reagan Airport (DCA) down in Washington? Reagan uses only one runway and one plane is literally touching down within a minute of another one becoming airborne. That would be neat to see in time lapse!

JL Johnson

Wow! Great vid, David! Just an observation: Isn’t it annoying how there’s ALWAYS a light or telephone pole right at the touchdown point? Hey, I’m just glad I’m not the only one who it happens to. For a while I was thinking I might have bad luck.

PS: I was unaware of this spotting venue until you tweeted about it. It turns out that it’s quite popular with spotters but only in the summer months do to the fact that in the winter you are looking south right into the sun. In any case, I’ve already booked a visit next summer. Thanks for being the catalyst for my trip.

Bring a tri-pod. I had the camera on the balcony ledge and even though there was barely any wind at 700% speed you can see it moving. I did another one looking down the gate-line which probably would have been very interesting as well, but the camera kept going out of focus 🙁


Having watched the video shot from the hotel balcony. Narrative said to watch for the DC-10 being towed. You need to be corrected! That particular aircraft is a World Airways MD-11. Not too far off, but wanted you to recognize the difference.

Hey Frank!

The one in the video is indeed a DC-10. It is an Omni Air International (N810AX) DC-10. You can see a photo I got here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/airlinereporter/5008127333/in/set-72157624875826075/

There was also a World Airways MD-11 I caught at the Delta TechOps: http://www.flickr.com/photos/airlinereporter/5008743298/in/set-72157624875826075/ Which in the video you can see the MD-11’s tail stick up over the taxi way in the very back of the shot.


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