What kind of plane is this?

What kind of plane is this?

I was visiting a friend and at a sort of dive-bar that had this photo on the wall. I Tweeted out asking people to guess what kind of plane it belongs to and got all sorts of answers. I decided to also put it up on the blog to see if you can find out what kind of plane is this?

Bonus points if you know the bar (was in the greater Seattle area).


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Boeing 777

It is a 777 – I have the same poster but not quite that large.

According to small text in the bottom corner, it is actually a composite of two shots – one of the cockpit and another of the runway.

This is the Smithsonian page about it: http://americanart.si.edu/collections/search/artwork/?id=35876

You can buy a copy from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Boeing-777-200-Flight-Poster-Print/dp/B000EK36GG

777 at KBFI I think, I have that poster also.

Paulo M

Boeing 777 – that’s early 777 PR. Saw that photo everywhere.

Everyone beat me to it. I was going to guess B777 also. 🙂

Seattle + 2 engines + updated glass cockpit = 777

I have the same poster in my room. According to the position of the aircraft in relation to the runway, and being identical to my poster, I will have to say 737

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