ANA Boeing 777-300ER (JA777A)

ANA Boeing 777-300ER (JA777A)

I love a good beer. At home, canned or bottled beer does alright, but when I am out I always get draft. Sometimes when I fly, I might have a beer and will make do it coming out of a can or bottle. However, All Nippon Airways (ANA) is taking it up a notch by providing draft beer on some of their flights.

Draft beer you would find at your local pub comes out of a keg, using highly pressurized carbon dioxide gas, which can’t be brought on board a plane. However, ANA worked with Hoshizaki Electric and successfully developed a beer dispenser made especially for in-flight use. Dry ice is used to keep the beer cold (and refreshing) during the flight.

Starting July 20th, passengers on domestic ANA flights will have the opportunity to try some draft beer. Let’s hope this catches on and more airlines will soon follow suit.

Image: Tom Turner

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Chris J

In limited quantities, only 40 cups per keg. And it better be damn good. At 1,000 Yen, that’s about $11.

I spend that much for Bud Light in a plastic bottle at a Mariners game 🙂



I always liked ANA. The food, the service, the friendliness of the staff, and the overall experience has never disappointed me. They even put my friend and I up in a hotel in Narita when we had an overnight layover. Provided transportation and everything. I’ve got nothing against an inexpensive, no frills flight when you’re on a budget or have to get from point A to point B ASAP, but when I’m traveling half way around the world, ANA is by far one of my favorite carriers. In flight draft beer?! Awesome!!

Not to mention the first airline to get the Boeing 787 :)…


ravi singh

This may give Champagne a run for it’s money on board!!

That has to be one of the most innovative things that I have heard recently. I don’t personally drink but that sounds really cool. You might have expected some Russian or Eastern European airline to come out with that idea first though 🙂

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