Korean Air Cargo Boeing 747-8 Freighter sitting next to Cargolux's. Took at Paine Field today.

Korean Air Cargo Boeing 747-8 Freighter (HL7609 - RC541) sitting next to Cargolux's. Took at Paine Field today.

Today, I got word from Jon Ostrower (aka FlightBlogger) that a Boeing 747-8 Freighter with a  Korean Air Cargo livery should be outside at Paine Field.

So I headed up to Paine Field to take a look and sure enough, it was there!

I was just up there on Saturday taking a look at the Boeing 787 ZA005 and the Cargolux Boeing 747-8, but it was awesome seeing the Cargolux next to the Korean Cargo plane (dang UPS getting in between them).

I didn’t have my normal (and better) camera with me, so didn’t get zoomed in as I wanted, but better than nothing!

More media:
* LIVE video I took on iPhone while there (still testing this service)
* 12 other photos of the Korean Air Cargo Boeing 747-8
* Is it just me or does the Korean Air logo look a lot like Pepsi’s new logo?

Thank you Temo for letting me use your camera last minute!

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Paulo M

Certainly a beautiful site, 747’s gathering on the flightline of the Everett Paine Field wrapped in the colours of international customers.

They sure are! Just wish that B767 for UPS was out of the way 🙂

Richard Loarie

Awesome work Boeing, Congratulations on a beautiful plane.

When Pepsi first started advertising their new logo…. all they had was the new logo … I thought it was Korean Air advertising all over the place…
I think their AD company should be fired for that one…. too similar…

Yes, it isn’t that Korean Air’s logo looks like Pepsi’s new logo, it is the other way around!

Depends on how you look at it. The new Pepsi logo came after the Korean Air one, so I went that way!


Evers P.

The aircraft is owned by Guggenheim Aviation Partners and probably one of the two ordered in september 2006 and leased to KAL Cargo. see 747 fleet listing at http://www.airlinerlist.com/

Well at least it is good to know that the Boeing 747 age is not completely over. The aircraft is still being ordered by many airlines for Cargo operations, including Korean Air. It looks alot more like the Boeing 747-100/200 from further away though with the shorter upper deck.

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