"Wunala Dreaming" is the name of this Qantas 747-400, painted with a design inspired by Aboriginal art.

"Wunala Dreaming" is the name of this Qantas 747-400, painted with a design inspired by Aboriginal art.

Each week I do an airline livery and many times I have been given a heads up by Yvette Scott (@airlinesangel) on new liveries to take a look at. I am about to return from my vacation and have asked her to do the livery of the week today. Here is her post:

I’m very honoured that David had asked me to select the livery of the week. Each week I look forward to which airline/livery David has discovered, many are new, many are from the past, but they all have a story to tell in the great world of aviation.

The airline I’ve selected is Qantas, Australia’s largest airline and the considered to be the world’s oldest continually operating airline. Their fleet consists of over 251 aircraft, ranging from Bombardier Dash 8 to Airbus A380.

Today their livery is white fusalage with a red tail featuring the distinctive kangaroo logo. Their B747-438, in addition to their usual city names, carry the word “Longreach” as part of the livery. This signifies both the “long reach” of the aircraft and the town where Qantas began. In 1993, as part of the International Year of the World’s Indigenous People, some aircraft were named and painted aircraft with Aboriginal themes.

More photos through Airliners.net

Thanks Yvette! Be sure to also check out her blog: Airlines Angel.

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