Pretty clever WiFi logo with the dots for the i's being the engines!

Pretty clever WiFi logo with the dots for the i's being the engines! Logo from Alaska Airlines.

Blogging about airlines adding WiFi to their fleet will never get old for me.

If you remember Alaska caused a bit of a stir after announcing they would be going with Gogo Inglight Internet service instead of Row44, which they were testing. One of the benefits of Gogo is it can be quickly installed onto an aircraft. Alaska already has six planes internet enabled and hopes to have all Boeing 737-800’s and 900’s equipped with WiFi by the end of the Summer. Their entire fleet should be setup by the end of the year. Like other airlines, Alaska will have a WiFi logo by the main cabin door and information in the seat back pocket next to you.

In a partnership with Alaska Airline’s Visa credit card, they are offering the WiFi for free until July 31, 2010. After July 31st northbound flights from Portland and Seattle to Alaska will remain free, until GoGo Inflight is able to improve on cell reception in Alaska. After the free period, prices on other flights will range from $5 to $13 depending on the time and device you want to use.

To find out where WiFi can be accessed, more information and pricing structure, check out Alaska’s Wi-Fi page.

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The draw of GoGo was the ability to install it quickly. However, it doesn’t work well over water, so no wifi to Honolulu, Maui, Kona or Kauai.

And none in Mexico and spotty to Alaska. But GoGo has agreed to better the signal in Alaska and Mexico and really people going to Hawaii, well they are going to Hawaii, so they can survive 🙂

But really, I expect that GoGo will have to get a satellite option at some point to globally compete with Row44. With better technology (and experience) Row44 will be able to install cheaper and quicker.


Well they are definetely keeping up with the times. Alot of airlines are now offering this service in the states and around the world. And ofcourse then the other shoe drops and you have to pay for it 🙂

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