Houston Airport's Food Court

Houston Airport's Food Court

Sometimes bad things happens and there is no one to blame. Some how William Ogletree, a lawyer from Texas, didn’t get that memo. Ogletree was flying from Houston to Las Vegas back last December and went to the food court in Terminal C for some food. When leaving, he accidentally left his $800 black leather jacket, which unsurprisingly, someone ended up stealing.

Yea, that sucks, but it is a fact of life. I have lost a few coats in similar fashions (not $800 ones thanks goodness), but I didn’t blame anyone but myself. Ogletree on the other hand is threatening to sue the City of Houston, Continental Airlines and the food court’s management for failing to have “collected the coat, kept it in a secure place and held it for a reasonable time” until he was able to claim the jacket. The bitter passenger claims the defendants, “breached their duty” in connection with how they “manage lost and found items for which they are responsible.”

The letter written to the defendants, obtained by The Smoking Gun, shows Oggletree gave them ten whole days to pay him the $800 or they would also be burdened with, “court costs, attorney’s fees, investigation, expert witnesses and other damages.”

I am sorry you lost your coat Mr. Ogletree, but seriously get over it. It is not the city, the food court or Continental Airlines’s fault (I don’t even get how could come close to blame Continental — for not asking every passenger if they remembered their coats?). There are only two people to blame. Oggletree and whomever stole the jacket.

No official word if Ogletree ever got his money or his jacket.

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Source: JetBlue’s B6 Blog Image: jgdillard

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David Bush

Unfortunately, this is a standard ply of attorneys. It is cheaper for the city to reimburse him for the jacket than to go thru the expense of a court hearing. They use similar ploys, too, to win other cases. For instance, my son was sued by a woman claiming he was the father of her baby. The case was filed in a court over 100 miles from his home. He drove and showed up three times. She didn’t and her attorney would refile the court date (my son couldn’t afford an attorney). He showed up the fourth time, but didn’t realize it have be moved to a different court. Boom, he’s guilty. He’s still fighting it, but even though his mom and I pulled together the money to get a court admissable dna test done and ponied up enough money to get an attorney. Now they are saying the appeal wasn’t filed before the child turned 4. So, guilty or not, he has to pay for some strangers kid for the rest of his life? Where’s the justice? Why didn’t they judge require a dna test up front? I no longer believe in our judicial system, its rigged by crooked attorneys – like there are any NON-crooked attorneys. BAH!

Jerry Bonner

Wait a minute here. Your blaming Lawyers? They just represent the common American.

They are typical of your average, lazy, uneducated, somebody take care of me, thieving American. Oh, and least I forget, VICTIM or chosen Sufferer.

Between, WWII and now things changed. What made this country great was that individuals learned to take care of themselves and that government, take your pick, was considered evil. Over the last 60 yrs the “Great Society” changed all that. Now the average American, has been led to believe, by (Liberal politicians, CNN, CBS, ABC etc), that big government knows best and that it will take care of you. Your average american thinks he has a right to alot of things he doesn’t. Why does he believe this? Because Television tells him so, as does the Democratic party. What a bunch of Morons!

Folks all these people want is your vote, because once they have them then they can raise your taxes and have the whole charade continue for another four years. More taxes begets, more taxes, begets more taxes etc. etc. etc.

Americans, can’t you build your own businesses? Can’t you figure out a problem that has to be solved with your own brain? The best you can do is get a government job? Then you suck!

Yea, I guess the days of easy Government jobs are over. Very soon we will be hearing about people too lazy to work after getting fired from the county, or state or Federal job they thought would last forever. Boo Hoo, oh wow is me, boo hoo. Too bad. If you had started your own business then you would be sitting preety now. You’d be saying, hey how come those government workers never get laid off? How come at my business when I have to lay off ten percent of my employees, the government just tax’s me more?

It high time to lay off those Government Workers at all levels.
I didn’t know that getting a Government job meant having a lifetime job. Didn’t see that in the Constitution did you?

Oh, and the dirtbag lawyer that forget his coat at the Houston Airport, I have a bit of simpathy for you. Yea, you can find it in the dictionary, right between SH__T and Syphillus. Man this guy must be desperate for work, or their are too many attorneys.

Hey, what about all you other lawyers, do you want this dirtbag to continue to give your profession a bad name. If your an attorney, and you can’t police your profession better than you deserve all the jokes leveled at you.

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