"Deltalina" who stars in Delta's safety videos says "no fighting on the plane"

"Deltalina" who stars in Delta's safety videos says "no fighting on the plane"

Stories of passengers getting all riled up on a flight are not too rare. However, having two flight attendants getting into a fight and canceling a flight are pretty rare.

Two flight attendants, with some obvious issues, were aboard Delta Connection (run by Pinnacle Airlines) flight 887 from Rochester, NY to Atlanta and decided to get into a fight.

We aren’t talking about using mere words, one of the passengers, Steve Mazur witnessed that the two flight attendants, “got into a fistfight on the plane.” The Captain wanted nothing of this, but instead of just kicking off the flight attendants, everyone on the plane was told they needed to get off.

A spokesperson for Pinnacle Airlines states there was no physical contact made between the flight attendants, but only a “verbal disagreement.” Either way, the flight attendants will not be working until this is all sorted out.

Delta worked with the kicked off passengers to arrange other flights to their final destination.

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Delta Girl

I’d appreciate it if you would be clear in your tweet that this was a Pinnacle Airlines flight attendant since you called them DAL in your tweet. I do not appreciate being lumped in with these unprofessional flight attendants and they are not co-workers of mine. I don’t believe either of them carries a DAL badge. Using a screen shot of a Delta Air Lines safety video to accompany this article is also misleading.

I believe the sentence should read: “…having two flight attendants getting into a fight and cancelling a flight is rare.” Unless there has been a rash of cancellations due to brawling flight atttendants on other airlines that I am unaware of.


Thanks for your comment. Yes, I put “aren’t” vs “are.” This is very rare to see flight attendants do something like this, I have never experience an unprofessional FA before.

The whole Delta vs Pinnacle or Mainline vs Regional is a big topic right now. My opinion is if a legacy or mainline airline is going to call it their connector or their regional, then they are responsible for the actions of the employees as well.

Even if a “real” Delta FA did these actions I am sure you wouldn’t want to associate with them either (nor would Delta want you to).

Deltalina is trying to put some humor into a messy situation. Trying to say she would NOT be happy about these actions (I assume she wouldn’t be).

Thanks for your insight, I really appreciate it.


Delta IT Guy

We are not responsible for the actions of a couple of chuckleheads from a connection carrier. They do not carry DL badges and we do not own their airline. Period.

I’m thinking that Delta Girl read a little to far into the post. Because when I read it, I clearly understood that it was not on DAL airplane and that they were not DAL attendant, but a connection flight on Pinnacle Airlines and Pinnacle attendants. And, I rather like the “Deltalina” photo and I enjoyed the humorous twist on it Mr. Airlinereporter guy! Cheers for lightening up the situation.

Also, I’ve never seen anything like this happen on a flight, so I understood that is was a rare occurrence.

Most 85% of the flight attendants are good hard working people.These two will most likely be moved up to work in HR or become supervisors.When it comes to interpersonal relationships this company get’s a D-.Anyone who comes on board all happy and positive is ether not hired or shunted off to the backroom or forced out.They would rather let a problem fester than take corrective action,that takes real work.

Let’s not lump regional flight attendants into a group as “unprofessional” just because they don’t carry a DAL badge. They are not “wanna-be” professionals. In EVERY group, in EVERY company there are going to be a few “lemons.”

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