Today, the Boeing 747-8 is completing it taxi tests. I was able to get a few videos of the airplane in action. The video above is the Boeing 747-8 doing 60kt tests with no problems. Below are other videos I shot today:

* VIDEO: During last taxi test, the Boeing 747-8 stopped suddenly before going back to her stall
* VIDEO: The Boeing 747-8’s final taxi on the runway before calling it a day
* VIDEO: The Boeing 747-8 pulls out of her stall and on to the taxi way
* VIDEO: The new 747-8 turns and situates herself on the runway

Other cool finds on today:
* My pictures on Flickr
* @ImperfectSense took some amazing photos and video
* Photos from the Seattle PI

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Boeing 747-8 First Flight at Paine Field

Looks great! Hopefully she’ll get to fly tomorrow.

Awesome work! Will be looking forward to more later today

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