The Boeing 747-8 right after take off. Taken from the Future of Flight's strato deck.

The Boeing 747-8 right after take off. Taken from the Future of Flight's strato deck. By Kevin Frysinger

On Saturday the Boeing 747-8 successfully completed her taxi-tests. Everything is in order for her to take to the skies and fly this morning at 10am PST.

The weather is looking like it will participate for this morning’s Boeing 747-8 first flight, although it won’t be as nice as it was on Saturday.

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I will be on the Future of Flight Strato Deck taking pictures and video of the event. Check back on this blog for all the updates, pictures and video of this morning’s first flight.

NOTE: Some people have asked if they can use my pictures and video — yes please. I just ask you give credit and link back to my blog!

UPDATE 9:10am: It is mighty foggy right now. Just watched a Emirates Boeing 777 take off and it disappeared instantly into the clouds. Hopefully it burns off soon. Boeing employees are starting to gather along the runway. Posting a few foggy pictures to my Flickr.

UPDATE 10:30am: The first flight has been delayed due to weather.

UPDATE 10:50am: Been change to no definite flight time due to weather. We now just sit and wait. While waiting I uploaded a few more pictures to Flickr.

UPDATE 11:15am: Hearing the Boeing 747-8 could take off as early as noon. Also hearing 2pm. Stay tuned, I am not leaving!

UPDATE 11:50am: Told Boeing 747-8 flight flight should be happening with-in an hour. Starting to see blue in the sky.

UPDATE 12:43pm: She took off and looked wonderful! Great job to Boeing all of the people that made the first flight possible. Working to get photos and video up soon.

UPDATE 3:30pm: The Boeing 747-8 is still set to land at 4:22pm at KPAE.


Image from @TxAgFlyer

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Video and Pictures of Boeing 747-8 First Flight

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