On April 29, 2007 a Thomson Airways Boeing 757, flight 253H, was taking off from Manchester Airport on its way to Spain when a bird (most people said a heron, but it looks black and smaller to me) got sucked into its starboard engine.  The video shows the bird going in, the flame out and the plane landing safely at Manchester Airport.

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That was definitely not a heron. Maybe a crow?

I think it was maybe a raven. It looked to small to be a Heron. It’s amazing how such a small thing can cause the flames. One would think that an engine that size would simply shoot it back out with no problems.

You incorrectly state the flight identity as Thompson 253H please note it’s Thompson 263H

I experienced a similar flare out on a British Airways 747 when two engines flared mid way over the Indian ocean en-route to the Seychelles.

Heaven knows how an ETOPS would have coped, suffice to say I would not be here to tell you.

Ahh the video has been removed.

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