Can you find the three generations of Delta Air Line logos on the baggage carts?

Can you find the three generations of Delta Air Line logos on the baggage carts?

A group of passengers were just ending a nice vacation involving sun, a cruise ship and the Caribbean. The last leg of their trip was on Delta Air Lines flight 1487 from Atlanta to Denver. When the group of 10 got their bags, they quickly noticed something was wrong.

“Our bags were the last ones to come out of the baggage carousel and they were just smelling profusely,” Michael Jobin said, one of the travellers. Apparently the bags of the entire group group, and those of another couple, were soaked in an unknown fluid.

They first assumed the fluid might have been jet fuel. Then a Delta Air Lines spokes person said their bags had been, “exposed to deicing fluid and is working to reach out to these customers to ensure that their claims are resolved.” However, later the airline was not able to confirm exactly what kind of liquid the bags were exposed to.

Some of the passengers have tried to wash the smell out, but have had no luck. Now some are considering their luggage hazardous waste. Delta is reassuring the passengers they will help to resolve the passenger’s claims.

I have had my bags a bit wet before, but only from rain or snow. It seems very odd that so many bags would be not only soaked, but in an unknown fluid. No word if the passengers got a refund of their checked bag fees.

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Source: ABC News Image: So Cal Metro

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07/25/17 My son just came off a Delta flight from York, PA to San Jose, CA, said his luggage, clothes, now his rental car and hotel room reek of this awful smell. What caused the odor and is it toxic? Any suggestions I can pass on to help?

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