Uzbekistan Airways Boeing 757 (VP-BUD)

Uzbekistan Airways Boeing 757 (VP-BUD)

Uzbekistan Airways is the flag carrier of (can you guess?) Uzbekistan. It was founded in 1992 and is owned by the government. They fly to about 50 destinations, mostly into Europe, although there is a flight to New York.

They have a very diverse fleet of aircraft including: A300-600RF, A310-300, A320-200, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 767-300ER, Il-76, Il-114, Tu-154, and Avro RJ85. They also have an order in for two Boeing 787 Dreamliners. There are rumors Uzbekistan Airways might be joining the SkyTeam alliance, allowing its passengers greater reach around the world.

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Weird how a government owned airline has such a diverse fleet. One might think they don’t have a reason to control costs and maximize shareholder value, oh, wait, never mind. ­čÖé

Uzbekistan Airlines and the civil aviation industry which it is responsible for are very important for what is a relatively large geographically isolated landlocked country. Uzbekistan Airlines are actually a very experienced airline, (one of a number of successor airlines to the Soviet carrier Aeroflot) serving a variety of markets domestic and international markets, with quite different needs (some 50 destinations). They use a good mix of short,medium and long haul local and CIS and western made aircraft. Uzbekistan manufactures a number of types of Iluysian Aircraft in Tashkent and are sensibly using their own aircraft as well as imported Russian, European and US planes. Because they have a high level of aviation technology in-country they also have a good technical service base with a high reputation in both the CIS and Asia.

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