Big long Boeing truck hauling what down the freeway?

Big long Boeing truck hauling what down the freeway?

The other day while going down I-405, which is just east of Seattle, I saw this very long Boeing truck being escorted by a Boeing van.

It is so long there is someone steering the rear wheels in the back. I have tried to do some research, asked a few people in aviation, put it out on Twitter,  and talked to people at Boeing, but no one can tell me what it is hauling and what Boeing calls the truck.

So, time to use the power of my very smart blog readers (that is you!). What is the story behind this truck and what is it hauling?


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You see those around here all the time. Usually coming from the Fredrickson Plant carrying wing spars or Leading Edge assemblies or from the Auburn Plant… no big secret!

Maybe not a secret, but no one seems to know much about them. Trying to find out what they are called and do they just transport one type of wing spar or for multiple aircraft?


That is awesome I always wondered what was in those things. When I was younger I wanted the job to drive the trailer.

They are definitely wing pieces. In the tour I was on last weekend we saw a bunch of them on the factory floor and also got to see the riveting machine assembling them together and the gooping station where they seal all the rivets. It was very cool.

That is a great write up from a different perspective than I am used to reading! Do you know what the truck is called or what type of aircraft the wings are for that are trucked north?



Yeah those are 777 wing spars.

Matt Cawby

Boeing calls the truck a “long load”

Charles Conklin

There was a little section on these trucks in the documentary “21st Century Jet – Making the Boeing 777” – starts at 1:09 in the video.

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