British Airways Boeing 777

British Airways Boeing 777

One person fainting on a plane is bad enough, but six? British Airways flight BA184 from Newark to London’s Heathrow airport has six passengers faint during flight. Once the Boeing 777 landed in Heathrow, the plane was boarded by emergency personal in protective gear. All the passengers were treated onboard, no one had to go to the hospital, nothing was found hazardous, and all 216 passengers that were allowed to continue with their travels. 

At this point, investigators do not know the cause of the fainting. Food and gases have been ruled out. At this time police are saying the incident is not suspicious.

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Source: Gadling Image: Eric Begin


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The cause was found today. All the people who fainted were women in their early to mid twenties. The cause of the fainting was a picture of me being passed around. I call it the rockstar syndrome.

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