Delta Airlines Kiosk - they can create a lot of anger

Delta Airlines Kiosk - they can create a lot of anger

A passenger from Georgia was trying to take a Delta Air Lines flight in Bismarck, ND and had some issues with the automated kiosk. He only had 30-minutes until his flight departed, it was 5am, and the passenger got up on the wrong side of the bed. Instead of asking for some help, he decided to take his anger out on the kiosk, smashing the screen and causing $15,000.00 worth of damages.

The airport and Delta Air Lines have barred the man from contacting either one and the passenger has been charged with a felony.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Image: choking sun

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the tides have turned. usually i am advocate for filing claims against airlines, but in this case, rightfully so, the airline (most are dying companies) should recoup its cost, plus the trouble and hassle

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