Baggage Claim at PHL

Baggage Claim at PHL

The European Union (EU) is pushing to create tougher regulation over airlines and airports that damage and lose luggage.

Recently, United Airlines felt the brunt of a passenger who had his guitar broken during a flight. He was unhappy with how the airline treated him and if you agree or disagree, his video went viral and got a positive reaction from United.

Of course this strategy cannot work for everyone. The EU Commission is proposing that each EU country create an agency to monitor incidents of lost and damaged bags. An EU Commission survey shows that between November 2008 and March 2009, airlines on average lost one bag for every 64 passengers. ’œIt’s a serious problem,’ European Transport Commissioner Antonio Tajani said, ’œWe have to act.’

With airlines charging more for checked bag fees, it is frustrating that so many bags in the EU would be lost and damaged. Even though having less baggage lost would of course be better, is it worth all the extra money it would cost to have the government watch over the industry?

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Every time I travel via LAX or London, I get one of my luggage delayed. It usually shows up after a few days, but this time it did not. I got bumped to Virgin Atlantic lost luggage service, with people that are just watching the same screen as me on Needless to say that there help is mostly useless. I however learn that my bag was passed to United Airline in LAX from a flight from Heathrow and that’s where it disappeared.
Time to put some standards in the industry and some hard goals.

Will the UE give preferential treatment to carriers that do not make you pay an extra fee for luggage check-in ?


I’m a television news producer in Los Angeles looking to interview someone in Southern California whose luggage was “permanently lost” en route to LAX.

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