A preview of what is to come.

A preview of what is to come.

The cabin of the Boeing 737 has slowly evolved over the years, but Boeing feels it is time for a large upgrade. Starting in 2010, Boeing will upgrade their 737 interiors with what they are calling “Boeing Sky Interiors.”

Heavily based off the research for the Boeing 787 interior, the new 737 interiors will “give a better connection to the flying experience.” Passengers stepping into the new 737 will notice the soft blue lighting on the ceilings and larger window reveals, giving the sense of a larger cabin.

Along with the aesthetic benefits, the new layout employs several practical changes. The overhead bins will have more storage space and they are pivot hinged (much like the Boeing 777), allowing more head room and open space when closed. The reading light and call buttons have been redesigned to create less confusion and less unintentional calls, which will make the flight attendants happy.

The new Boeing 737 will also feature performance upgrades. Boeing is hoping to increase fuel consumption by 2% via a combination of airframe and engine improvements. 2% might not sound like much when you think about your personal automobile, but when a Boeing 737-900ER can hold over 7,800 gallons of fuel, 2% can make a huge difference.

Source & Image: Boeing.com

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New Boeing Interiors: Get no leg room and cramped in a whole new way!

Boeing hasn’t made any changes to the seats, though I’m sure the luggage will be happy in their new oversized compartments. Airbus has far better interiors. Though I do like Boeing’s specs a little more then Airbus.

Hey Sam!

Boeing doesn’t actually make their own seats, but airlines are able to choose what seats are installed from outside companies. That said, 737’s are a bit narrower than the A320.


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