Amazingly all the debris and oil slick that were found in the middle of the Atlantic are reportedly not from Air France flight 447. It is uncertain at this time what they might be from, but the debris doesn’t match what would be on the airliner and the amount of oil found doesn’t match what the jet would be carrying.

This is another reminder that we really do not know what happened to this flight. Seems like there are many different opinions of what could have happened and now that we don’t even know where it went down, the mystery thickens. At this point I think we can only wait for the investigators to do their job and send our thoughts to the families who lost loved ones.

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I remember watching this live on the news when it first happened, as they were covering it non-stop then. I am very curious as to any developments that have happened with this story but I cannot find anything on it. Has anyone heard anything about what happened with this Air France A340 flight?

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