Air India Boeing 747-400 in its new livery

Air India Boeing 747-400 in its new livery

An Air India flight from Mumbai to Frankfurt had a little scare after the cockpit got warning of a possible fire in the cargo hold.

 The pilots of the Boeing 747-400 turned on the fire extinguishers and made an emergency landing back to Mumbai.

It was determined that a 6.5lb of curry that was checked by one of the flight’s passengers had set off the alarm. After a 12 hour delay, the bag was removed and the flight continued .

Now that is some hot curry!

Source: Times of India Image: howtrans38

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I like my curry cockpit-alarm-setting-off hot!!

Curry Set off Fire Alarm in Cargo Hold | Airline Reporter | A Blog on the airline industrythank you for share

Oh cool, the suppression system worked. Good thing you all made it back ok.

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