Oakland Airport Security Line

Oakland Airport Security Line

There are a lot of TSA stories out there recently. MMV “underwear” looking technology, have to put your shoes directly on the belt, and now you must use all three of your names when making airline reservations.

Some security measures I understand, but others leave me wondering if they provide real security or just a false sense of security? Ok, is it that much work for me to write out my middle name on my reservations? Or is it that hard for me to put my shoes directly on the xray belt? No, probably not, but I am a frequent traveller and try to pay attention to the newest rules.

Even though the “laptop in a bin”, your “3oz of liquids in a ziploc” and “have your boarding pass out so 2 people can check it” rules have been around a long time, many people still have a hard time understanding the rules. Are changing them frequently going to speed up the security lines? What happens for people that don’t have middle names? Are they going to be security checked?

The government contends these changes will increase security and will reduce mistakes. The three names will limit the mistakes of people being on the “Do Not Fly” list. Opponents worry that fliers will just be losing more privacy and not gaining any new security.

Hopefully this is the last TSA security changes until at least August when I get to blog about them requiring your birth date and gender when booking a flight too.

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I don’t know about the increasing security, but I can see how this would help mistakenly id-ing people from the do not fly list (which happens all the time, I’m sure).

the DOB and gender thing is a joke, right? right?

This all seems a bit silly.

Ok well you have to remember that the guy making these rules sits up high in an office somewhere. He cannot see what is on the front steps of the office outside from where he is let alone what it is like at the airports. I think that they are trying to do anything that they can think of, maybe instead of thinking in the office they should just go to the airport and ask TSA agents what they thing should be done to improve the security and efficiency at airports.

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