AirTran Boeing 717-2BD at Atlanta at dusk

AirTran Boeing 717-2BD at Atlanta at dusk

What do you want on every AirTran flight you are on? That is a question that — surprise, surprise — AirTran is asking people. They have created a nifty site and allows you to give not only suggestions, but also rate those suggestions.

Some of my personal favorites that answer the question “I want __________________ on every AirTran flight”:

– Chuck Norris
– Your Mom
– Salsa Lessons
– Optimus Prime
– Strobe Lights
– Helper Monkeys
– More cowbell
– Fondue
– Clowns
– Slip N Slide
– Pony Rides

Man, I couldn’t even make some of these up if I tried. To see more, sign up for a free seat on every flight or submit your own, check out the website!

Image: James Willamor

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That is a great concept and an interactive way to connect with clients. I would say “MORE COWBELL” definately!

Oh for sure. I really hope the “more cowbell” ends up winning this contest!

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