Plane being de-iced

Plane being de-iced

Alaska Airlines is having a great (sarcasm) season so far. First there were a bunch of cancelled flights (that is understandable since well, they are HQ in Seattle, WA which has been hit by a crazy snow storm). Now they de-iced a bunch of people inside the plane.

Alaska Airlines flight 528, on its way to Burbank this morning was getting de-iced when people were realizing it was getting into the cabin. Six crew members were taken to the hospital, but all 26 passengers were given the thumbs up at the airport.

A commenter on the story on KOMO (rwgav8) stated, “The ramp agent more than likely shot the de-icer into one of the engines or the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) inlet.”

Not a great way to start Christmas for sure!

Source: KOMO Image: Nealy-J

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