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The first Boeing 737 in Southwest's new livery - Photo: Mal Muir

The first Boeing 737 (Heart One – N8642E) in Southwest’s new livery – Photo: Mal Muir

On a sunny Texas Monday morning, Southwest gathered hundreds of its employees, along with media from all over the country, to reveal a mystery that had been partially hinted at in previous days. Hints, rumors, and gossip pointed to a new livery and new branding, with huge feedback from not only passengers but Southwest staff wanting to make their feelings known.

But as everyone gathered in the hangar, it was almost a party-like atmosphere. CEO Gary Kelly got into the spirit and was among the staff, greeting folks and posing for photos.

More than just the planes are being updated - Photo: Mal Muir

More than just the planes are being updated – Photo: Mal Muir

When Kelly took the stage, he told the crowd how proud they should be. The airline employees have worked hard over the last 12 months for this special moment. “The one constant thing in the company is heart,” he said.

This gave a giant hint into what was to come. As the lights went down, a video played showing a transformation. The old livery shed its skin to a blank canvas. The new heart branding then slowly appeared onto the 737 on screen. Soon after, the doors opened, and there was the 737 in a new livery was waiting outside.

Frontier Airline’s new livery seen out in the open in Denver – Photo: Billy Ellion | @PHXSpotters1

Frontier Airline’s new livery seen out in the open in Denver – Photo: Billy Ellion | @PHXSpotters1

Here it is — in the flesh. This is the new Frontier Airline’s livery seen outside of a hangar at Phoenix Goodyear Airport (GYR). It looks almost exactly as the leaked image of the livery — which is not too bad.

On Tuesday, Frontier Airlines will have an official unveiling of the new livery and we are excited to see it in person.

Are these the new liveries of Frontier and Southwest?

Are these the new liveries of Frontier and Southwest?

Today might go down as “Airline Livery Leak Day.” It appears that the new liveries of both Frontier and Southwest Airlines have leaked on the internet today, which shows that it is hard to hide things from social media.

Southwest Airlines has a media event set up at their headquarters for this Monday and Tuesday, where they have been promoting a big announcement. Similarly, Frontier Airlines has scheduled a media event for Tuesday morning, giving big hints of a livery update. But it appears that the big surprise for both might have been ruined.

The Frontier Airlines’ image shows an evolution of their livery with a retro “F,” but keeping the familiar animals on the tail. Whereas the Southwest livery maintains the same colors, but is more revolutionary in its design.

Do you like the #NewAmerican of the #NewNewAmerican livery? Image: American

Do you like the #NewAmerican or the #NewNewAmerican livery? Image: American

According to the Dallas News, American could be changing their livery… again. The possible alteration in the livery only deals with the tail. The choice is to either keep the current artistic flag, or to go back to the classic AA with eagle design. Who gets to decide? The new combined American Airlines’ employees.

“As we build our new company, we want all of our employees to have a voice in who we are as an airline, and that starts with what we look like,” Doug Parker, the new chief executive officer of the American Airlines Group, wrote in the internal newsletter to employees. “As such, today we launched a survey for all employees of the combined company to vote on what we should do with our new look for the tail – keep the work that was done, or go back to the previous American.”

Parker made it clear that the option of a complete re-design of the livery if not on the table. “However you may feel about the new livery and branding, the fact is it would be irresponsible for us to start over from scratch. There are currently more than 200 aircraft in the new livery and the new flight symbol or, ‘eagle’ as it’s sometimes called, and the related signage is up in many airports and facilities already.”