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UPS Airbus A300-600F. Photo by NTSB / Flickr CC.

UPS Airbus A300-600F (N155UP) involved in the crash. Photo by NTSB / Flickr CC.

Initial story posted 08/14/13, scroll down for the most recent updates on UPS Flight 1354 crash.

Early this morning, an Airbus A300-600F operated by UPS crashed at Birmington Airport (BHM) killing both the pilot and co-pilot. UPS Flight 1354 was heading from Louisville, KY to BHM when it crashed short of runway 18.

At the time of the accident the weather seemed clear, and the NTSB has stated there were not any distress calls made from the aircraft.

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777 being towed at Frankfurt

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777 being towed at Frankfurt

American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, US Airways, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and UPS have agreed to use up to 1.5million gallons of synthetic diesel made from plant waste per year. The fuel would be used to fuel their ground service equipment at Los Angeles International Airport.

Rentech Inc. will be supplying the alternative fuel starting in 2012, made mostly from urban yard waste and clippings.
Most people only think about aircraft causing much of the pollution in air travel, but there are thousands of support vehicles at each airport that also cause harmful emissions. Rentech is currently in talks with other airlines and airports to increase the fuel’s usage.

Image: Thomas Becker