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Virgin American's RED where you can order food and drink right at your seat.

Virgin American's RED where you can order food and drink right at your seat.

In an age where almost everyone has an Debit or Credit Card and that airlines are charging for more things on flights than just movies and alcohol, it seems obvious that airlines should be taking credit cards in flight.

Going cashless has many benefits (not having to have cash on the plane, don’t have to ask for change, encourages people to spend more, etc), but some flight attendants are worried what happens if the card reader doesn’t work? And there are concerns that the credit cards will slow down service.

Although airlines that have already implemented the service show there is a learning curve, but once learned, service can actually pick up.

Virgin America probably has the coolest system where you can order items on the entertainment module in the seat back and actually swipe your credit card there.

Current American cashless airlines:
* United Airlines: Since late April
* AirTran
* American Airlines by June 1
* JetBlue
* AirTran
* Southwest Airlines
* Sun country Airlines
* Frontier Airlines
* Alaska Airlines
* USA3000
* MidWest Airlines
* Virgin America
There could be more — there doesn’t seem to be a full list of airlines and I tried to search down as many as I could.

Although the additional charges might be bothersome, at least most airlines are making an effort to make paying them easier.


Delta carryon only check in counters at MSP

Delta carryon only check in counters at MSP

The US Department of transportation is reporting that airlines raked in more than $1billion in just baggage fees last year. And why not, people don’t seem to be too angry or upset about this. However, two airlines are looking to up the fees even higher.

United Airlines and US Airways will $5 more for checking a bag (a total of $20 for the first bag and $30 for the second). But you can knock off $5 per bag if you check them in online.

It is great that airlines are making more money, but these fees make it more and more difficult to find a few space to place baggage in an overhead-bin due to so many people carrying more on. And for $50 to check two bags one-way…on some flights it might be cheaper just to buy a second seat for your bags!

Source: ABC Image: MSPdude