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The Pilatus PC-24 rolled out onto a Swiss flag. Photo - Pilatus

The Pilatus PC-24 rolled out onto a Swiss flag – Photo: Pilatus

On August 1st of this year, Pilatus’ clean-sheet jet aircraft, the PC-24, rolled out of the hangar with a procession of twenty-four horses leading the charge. The horse theme was chosen as this aircraft is being marketed as a “workhorse”.

A side on view of the Pilatus PC-24. Photo - Pilatus

A side view of the Pilatus PC-24 – Photo: Pilatus

The PC-24 may look like a standard medium-light jet (think smaller Cessna Citations if you are unfamiliar with the term), but that is where the similarities end.

Marketed as a “Super Versatile Jet”, the PC-24 is the only medium-light jet aircraft that can do what small turboprops can; for instance, land on unprepared airfields. It is also the only corporate-class aircraft that comes standard with a cargo door.