JetAmerica's Boeing 737-800

JetAmerica's Boeing 737-800

Yes, a new airline is starting up, but they have a lot of help. The airline will be based out of Newark, NJ and have most of their flights go to smaller mid-sized cities which have seen a drop in traffic from other airlines.

Some of the airports are willing to shell out a lot of money to make JetAmerica work. Lansing, MI, South Bend, ID Melbourne, FL, and Toledo, OH are paying JetAmerica with $1.4 million in grants, almost $900,000 in waived fees, and over $1 million in marketing and advertising in the first year.

John Weikle, chief executive or JetAmerica, feels this extra money will help protect the new airline from fuel price spikes which mostly caused the bankruptcy of Skybus — an airline JetAmerica is modelling themselves after.

Prices will start at $9 per seat (for the first 19 seats) and then up to $199. The standards of paying for checked bags, food, drink, etc will apply as well to the new airline.

JetAmerica will start with one leased Boeing 737-800, but hope to have four flying by July of next year.

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HA! I give them 6 months, saying they even get their first flight airborn.

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