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Mark's Website

Mark's Website

That’s right! 24/7, comedian Mark Malkoff will be hanging out on an AirTran plane, travelling to about 12 cities per day, sleeping, eating — even washing himself on an airliner for thirty straight days. The beauty? He has a fear of flying.

Not only does he want to conquer his fear of flying, but he is also trying to break the Guinness record for continuous flight. And since AirTran has WiFi, Mark is able to relate his journey through his website and on his Twitter account.

His great adventure started this Monday and will go to the end of the month. I wonder if he is able to earn frequent flier miles through Airtran — I will try and ask him — stay tuned.
Update: Mark’s response: “I hope so!”
Update2: He has earned so many miles he got a big Elite airmiles card.

Captain (Scott) Kirk waving goodbye.
Captain (Scott) Kirk waving goodbye.

With all the new Star Trek buzz going on now (I have seen it and loved it btw) you might get a kick when flying on Southwest soon. They don’t just have one, but three Captain Kirks that pilot their (almost) star ships.

Captain (Scott) Kirk gets into it and can be seen giving the traditional Vulcan hand sign as his vessel is pushed back from the loading dock.
We all know the airlines are going through a hard time and I hope they can all pull through and live long and prosper (yea yea, I know that was bad, but I couldn’t help myself).
Source & Image: Denver Post