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Our ride today  is an Aerospatiale AS355N Twin Squirrel - Photo: Mal Muir |

My ride was an Aerospatiale AS355N Twin Squirrel [B-KHS] – Photo: Mal Muir |

This is the continuation of a multi-part series covering my trip from Seattle to San Jose to Narita to Hong Kong and back as a ANA Ambassador. The helicopter flight was provided by the Peninsula Hong Kong although all views are my own. Part1: San Jose to Tokyo on the 787 Dreamliner – Part2: Connecting in Tokyo’s Narita Airport – Part3: Tokyo to Hong Kong & Back. Again

Hong Kong is made up of over 421 square miles of land & water and is home to almost 7 million people.  The two main islands that make up this Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China are Hong Kong Island (where the city gets its name) and also Kowloon.  With ground space being so sparce, the city has been built up into the sky and what better way to see this amazing city than from the air in a helicopter?

The Peninsula is the only hotel in Hong Kong with it’s own roof top helipad — actually it has two!  Both rated to 3 tonnes, these twin roof top pads are the home base to Heliservices Hong Kong’s Aerospatiale AS355N Twin Squirrel.  This small, versatile helicopter can speed you between Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) and the hotel in just 10 minutes or taking you on a cruise over the city and surrounding islands.