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Boeing had this ad stating that the Boeing 727 is the best-selling air bus

Boeing had this ad stating that the Boeing 727 is the best-selling air bus

Yesterday I posted the corner of the ad showing “World’s best-selling airbus,” and asked what ad did it go to. A few people guessed (mostly via Twitter) that it was an Airbus A300, Boeing 737 or Boeing 747. Only two people (@CraigSymons and @SkippysCage) guessed it correctly: the Boeing 727. This was the best quality of the ad I could find and it is difficult to read the text, but I am pretty sure it says:

“More than 1,000 Boeing 727s have been sold to date. It is the best-selling jetliner in aviation history.

And it has been the best-selling jetliner during the past two years — the years when the new airbuses were supposed to dominate the industry.


Because the Boeing 727 is the original airbus.

It has the lowest investment, cost per seat of any airbus. And you can buy two 727-200s for the price of one of the bigger airbuses.

The 727-200 gives more flexibility than the bigger airbuses. Its capacity of 125, up to 189 (all coach), passengers makes it ideal for ??? on intermediate routes and in scheduled services where frequency is essential.

The 727s passenger appeal and operating reliability  and efficiency are well known. Everyday, Boeing 727s are earning profit for more airlines than any other jetline.

That’s why it is the world’s best-selling airbus.”

Obviously a  jab at the new Airbus Industry, but I find it quite humorous.

Thanks David for showing this to me!

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Here are the answers -- did you guess right?

Had a lot of great guesses from people on the photo livery quiz. You can see the answers above. Most people made the same mistake I did on the last one. I thought it was USAir, but if you look closely this was a bare-metal plane from American, with Southwest’s livery painted on it. You can read more about these planes and see larger photos on Southwest Airline’s blog.

Winners of being big airline livery nerds:
* TxAgFlyer
* DCSpotter
* Patrick Olave
* Unregistered user #473787 on the Seattle PI

Nice job folks. There were quite a few others that only got one wrong.

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Big long Boeing truck hauling what down the freeway?

Big long Boeing truck hauling what down the freeway?

The other day while going down I-405, which is just east of Seattle, I saw this very long Boeing truck being escorted by a Boeing van.

It is so long there is someone steering the rear wheels in the back. I have tried to do some research, asked a few people in aviation, put it out on Twitter,  and talked to people at Boeing, but no one can tell me what it is hauling and what Boeing calls the truck.

So, time to use the power of my very smart blog readers (that is you!). What is the story behind this truck and what is it hauling?


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