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UPS Airbus A300-600F. Photo by NTSB / Flickr CC.

UPS Airbus A300-600F (N155UP) involved in the crash. Photo by NTSB / Flickr CC.

Initial story posted 08/14/13, scroll down for the most recent updates on UPS Flight 1354 crash.

Early this morning, an Airbus A300-600F operated by UPS crashed at Birmington Airport (BHM) killing both the pilot and co-pilot. UPS Flight 1354 was heading from Louisville, KY to BHM when it crashed short of runway 18.

At the time of the accident the weather seemed clear, and the NTSB has stated there were not any distress calls made from the aircraft.

AirTran Flight Attendant Training – Ditching the plane in water from David Brown on Vimeo.

Yesterday I talked about how flight attendants must learn a lot about safety and hopefully never have to use it. Once per year current flight attendants must return to AirTran’s training facility in Atlanta, GA to practice their safety skills. Part of that training involves the proper procedures during a water landing.  The recent US Airways ditch in the Hudson River is a reminder that these things can happen and by following the flight attendant’s commands can save lives.

The ditch training was inside a mock Boeing 717 with about seven rows. The flight attendants had no idea that fake smoke would be pumped into the cabin. I knew it was going to be dark (I had night vision on my camera, in reality you could barely see anything). I knew it was a water landing. I knew there was going to be smoke pumped in. I also knew it was all fake.  However, once the training started, it was very disorienting and although the flight attendants were yelling to get my life vest, I initially forgot it and had to go back to get it. That could have been the difference between life and death.

In the video you can hear some laughing and we were all having a good time with the practice, but it was taken very seriously.  There were only about 15 of us in that small cabin, but it was shocking how long it took us to get out. There obviously was no real panic or rush to save our own lives, I couldn’t imagine the chaos that would occur during a real crash with over 150 passengers trying to evacuate an aircraft.

I wish every passenger could experience something like this, to be prepared to react in a life or death situation, since reading the safety information card, just cannot prepare you.

A Day In The Life Of…A Training Flight Attendant

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Not for those who have a fear of flying, this video showed the 1984 crash test of a Boeing 707. The video has multiple angles of the test, along with commentary on what happened. The goal was to conduct research on improved crash protection and reduce post-crash fire hazards.

The Boeing 707 was remote controlled and the plane was crashed in the middle of a desert outside Edwards Air Force base in California.

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Picture of actual aircraft (A310 70-ADJ) taken in 2002

Picture of actual aircraft (A310 70-ADJ) taken in 2002

I assume by reading this blog you probably have heard about the tragic crash of Yemenia Airways flight 627. If not you can read about the latest information here.

Although this incident is terrible, there is at least a bit of positivity one can pull out of this (well almost two, the black boxes were found). One 14 year old girl (some are reporting 13) was found in the water…alive.

She doesn’t have any recollection of what happened and says she, “didn’t feel a thing.” Just found herself in the water surrounded by darkness. She was found by rescuers after hanging onto debris for 13 hours. She is currently recovering and came out with just cuts to her face and a fractured collar-bone.

Via Today in the Sky Image: Thomas Noack