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Boeing 787 Dreamliner ZA002 with ANA livery, flying over the Olympics

Boeing 787 Dreamliner ZA002 with ANA livery, flying over the Olympics

Yesterday the second Boeing 787 test plane, ZA002, made its second test flight back to where it was built. The flight was from Boeing Field (Located in South Seattle) to Paine Field (located in Everett, WA).

The flight was required since there was debris found in ZA002’s fuel tank after its first flight on December 22nd. Paine Field and it needed to fly back to Paine Field, which has the proper facilities.

KING5 caught video of the Dreamliner taking off
and the Future of Flight braved the rain, dark and wind to see the ANA liveried 787 land.

The issue is minor and it provided people up north to see the Boeing 787 fly once again (Unfortunately I was at another blog-related event).  This incident is not changing the positive mood of Boeing executives. “The 787’s progress has exceeded my expectations for where I thought we’d be at this point,” Dennis O’Donoghue, who runs the company-wide aircraft testing unit, told Bloomberg. “I’m almost giddy.”

And I am giddy too. This means I will have an opportunity to see ZA002 take off from Paine Field when it heads back south again.

Additional Information:
* Photo of ZA002 back at Paine Field via @ImperfectSense
* More photos of ZA002 over the Olympic Mountains vis Seattle PI

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Boeing 787 in First Choice livery. Photo from

Boeing 787 in First Choice livery. Photo from

Preview what the Boeing 787 Dreamliner will look like in different airline liveries (scroll down a little bit for the custom liveries). From Aeroflot to VLAC.

It is great seeing the different designs in 3D on the computer screen, but I can’t wait to see them in person (of course you can already see ANA’s livery on the 787).

If the Boeing 787 liveries don’t distract you enough, you can also check out the new Boeing 747-8 Highlights page via Boeing.

Thanks to Sandy at the Future of Flight for finding this!

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I first got to meet Liz (@ImperfectSense) at the Aviation Geekfest back in early December and since then she has done a wonderful job following the Boeing 787. I always look forward to her newest Dreamliner or Dreamlifter photos. This video captures ZA001 landing at Boeing Field yesterday with a very beautiful Mount Rainier in the background. Great work Liz!

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Notice the size difference of the Trent 1000 engine that is being used on the Boeing 787

Notice the size difference of the Trent 1000 engine that is being used on the Boeing 787

Most of you were right on with the photo I posted yesterday.  It is a  Boeing 747-200 that was the test bed for Rolls Royce to test the Trent 1000 for certification taken at the Future of Flight in 2007. The odd part of the photo was engine #3 was a bit larger than the other three.

The aircraft was purchased by Rolls Royce from Cathay Pacific Airlines. The engine was being tested to be used on the Boeing 787.

One of my readers, Ian, found additional pictures of the aircraft in flight from Flight Global.

Image: TheNewArea51
Boeing workers around ZA002 before the test flight today.

Boeing workers around ZA002 before th002e test flight today.

ZA002, the second Boeing 787 took to the sky today, showing off its ANA livery. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to this flight, but there were others who saw it first-hand. Check it out if you missed it live:

* Dreamliner taxiing from @jasonpaur
* Take off from Future of Flight
* Aerial view of taxi test and take off from KIRO7
* Ground view of the take off from KING5
* Video of take off from KOMO4
* Head-on while taxiing and in the air with chase plane via @TxAgFlyer
* Overall flight path that ZA002 took via FlightBlogger
* Pictures from the Seattle Times
* Person on the ground taking a photo
* Video after ZA002 landed via KIRO7

ZA002 had some issues with its front landing gear during its first flight today. Check out the Seattle Times for what happened to the gear and about one of the chase planes almost running out of fuel.

Main Picture by @McNeight