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CanJet Boeing 737 That was hijacked this Sunday

CanJet Boeing 737 That was hijacked this Sunday

An 8 hour stand off with police and a hijacker is now over. A 20 year old Jamaican took over the CanJet plane after using force to get past security. He released all the passengers and two crew members, but held another six hostage.

It appears the young man had some mental issues (obviously) and was upset over a recently distraught relationship.

The CanJet Airlines flight 918 was a Boeing 737 enroute to Cuba.

Source: AP Image: AP
Aeroflot-Nord Boeing 737.

Aeroflot-Nord Boeing 737. Image: Osdu

Last September an Aeroflot-Nord Boeing 737-500 crashed and killed all 88 on board. The final report released today shows that the pilot lost “spatial orientation”, banking the plane on its left wing, causing rapid decent into the ground.

It seems the pilot had been overworked, drinking alcohol, and not trained well on the Boeing’s altitude indicator as he should. All Boeing 737 flights have been suspended until additional training can be had by the pilots.

After the crash Aeroflot severed links with Aeroflot-Nord and required they remove all the company branding — probably a very smart move considering what happened.

Source: KOMO
Continental Flight 1404

Continental Flight 1404

A Continental Boeing 737-500 slid off the runway at Denver International Airport this morning. No one was killed, but 38 of the 107 passengers and 5 crew were taken to the emergency room. Looking at the picture of the plane, it is lucky that the number is not higher.

Flight 1404 on its way to Houston had the gear and engine ripped off. The fuselage filled with smoke as the plane started to burn. It is currently believed to be a braking problem that caused this accident to occur.

A very shaky start to the holiday travel season. Hope everyone stays safe and we won’t have any more of these stories!

Source: WSJ Image: AP