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Welcome to Las Vegas! Liquor Store Ahead!

Welcome to Las Vegas! Liquor Store Ahead!

Ah Las Vegas. Gambling, fancy hotels, bunch of college students and of course alcohol (ok the list could go on and on, but we will stop with that). Remember in the olden days how you had to wait to get to downtown before getting sloshed? That time between your buzz wearing off from your $6 beer from the plane and having to take a cab all the way downtown? How many times have you been waiting for your bag and thought, “dang, I sure could use a Jaeger shot right about now.” I know…LAME! Well have no worry — the Vegas airport is here to help.

The McCarran International Airport is proposing to open a liquor store in baggage claim. That’s right! This would be the first airport to have a true liquor store. Sure you have those duty free stores and bars, but this you can buy full bottles and take them with you (or finish them before leaving the airport).

Steven Sisolak, a Clark County Commissioner stated, ’œOh, I know it will be a gold mine for some liquor store, but does this mean we’ll do anything for money?’

Seriously? Does this guy know Vegas? It is based on making money! He continues, ’œWhat’s next? Airport strip clubs? Topless bars? Is that appropriate for county property? I mean, that’s ’˜out-of-the-box’ thinking, too.’ Maybe, but really alcohol is already served on planes and in bars, is a liquor store really that much of a jump?

Sisolak also states he is worried about travelers drinking the alcohol in public and having public drunkenness. But isn’t that pretty standard in Vegas, people walking around quite buzzed with a drink in hand?

The airport is hoping this might bring in some extra cash. “We’re strapped for cash just like every other county department, and because of the smoking ban our gaming revenue has gone down and advertising has been a little slow,’ said Elaine Sanchez, airport spokeswoman. ’œWe believe, in hard times, this is a good idea.’

What do you think? Is this a good idea?

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Source: Las Vegas Sun Image: lonnypaul
A different perspective at LAX

A different perspective at LAX

LAX, which is known for their “close calls” and poor safety record, announced a new warning system aimed at preventing runway accidents.

The $7 million project uses a combination of a runway status light system, radar, and traffic controllers to maintain the safety of all the aircraft and support vehicles.

Lights on the pavement will flash when radar detects a possible conflict between planes or ground vehicles. Once the lights flash, all parties must contact the tower and get clearance before proceeding.

The light system has previously been tested at  the San Diego and Dallas-Fort Worth airports. The system caused the number of close calls to drop from 10 to 3 in similar 2.5 year periods before and after the installation.

Currently the system is installed on one of LAX’s four runways and only 8 of its taxi ways.

Source: LA Times Image: waioli
Landing at Branson, MO's BKG airport.

Landing at Branson, MO's BKG airport.

Branson, Missouri is the home to the United State’s first privately supported airport. The $155 million airport is the first of 552 airports with commercial air service to receive no federal funding.

The town only has about 6,000 residents, but  has over 50 theaters, ten museums, and a few other odds and ends that draw about 8million tourists to the area each year.

In 1996 Congress changed legislation that allowed airports to try and win over private investors and Branson will show if this is a feasible business plan. SO far two other airports have unsuccessfully tried to make airport privatization work (Midway Airport and Steward Airport). Currently only low-cost carriers Sun Country Airlines and AirTran Airways fly into Branson Airport (BKG).

There seems to be a lot of money making potential in airports (selling name rights, hotels, shops, restraunts, business deals, etc) and although airports around the globe have made leaps and bounds as far as amenities avliable, I wonder what new ideas a privatly-held, purely profit driven, airport can come up with.

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