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Behold this special Alaska Airlines livery seen on a Boeing 737-800 (N568AS) by Leland Schmit at Paine Field yesterday. No, this is not a new livery for Alaska, but is, “a new special scheme dedicated to our employees,” Alaska explained via Twitter.

It has sweeping lines (that look quite a bit like New Zealand’s old livery) that says, “Employee powered,” on the rear of the fuselage. Although simplistic, I have to say that I like it — especially the blue/green gradient on the engine nacelles.

The airline stated that they are planning on unveiling the special livery during a company-wide meeting on Tuesday. Although this is a one-off livery, could it be testing the waters for a potential new design? The currently design (although not too shabby) is a bit dated and it has been rumored for quite a while that Alaska has been looking at future design options.

What are your thoughts on this special design?

Be sure to check out this other special Alaska Airlines livery photo & a hat tip to @GordonWerner for pointing this one out. 

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Surprise ruined…haha! I’m excited to see it Tuesday!

That is a beautiful livery. I would not mind seeing it on the entire fleet.

Steve C

From what I heard, they’re planning on having employees sign the plane with some kind of special marker, which would be permanent.

Now that would be slick!


Every Alaska employee signed an Ipad during flightpath that somehow will be printed on the plane somewhere!

Cory C.

The signature of every Alaska employee indeed appears as part of the livery…pretty awesome!

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