Condor Airlines Boeing 767 (D-ABUE) in special livery. Photo from Condor.

Condor Airlines Boeing 767 (D-ABUE) in special livery. Photo from Condor.

German based Condor recently showed off a Boeing 767-300ER (D-ABUE) in a special livery. I am not so familiar with the children book series, but the design is based off the characters from writer Janosch’s books. Even though this will be the only aircraft to see the full livery, all other aircraft will be given Janosch characters on their tail.

The airline and Janosch are supporting the German relief agency ’œBILD hilft e.V. ’“ A Heart for Children.” The support is not only through the livery, but also through Condor donating a percentage of its ticket sales and revenue from other special campaigns.

Condor Boeing 767 in standard livery. Photo by Aero Icarus / Flickr CC.

Condor Boeing 767 in standard livery. Photo by Aero Icarus / Flickr CC.

According to Condor’s press release, “The relief agency ‘BILD hilft e.V. ’“ A Heart for Children supports helps to fund children’s facilities and projects as well as emergency operations. Supporting them is one of the many different components of Condor’s ’œConTribute’ initiative, in which it has bundled its CSR activities. It focuses on cultural integration, sustainable travel, projects for children and providing aid in the event of natural disasters.”

Condor operates a fleet of about 40 aircraft including the Boeing 767-300ER, the 757-300, the Airbus A321 and the A320. They operate scheduled flights to leisure destinations around the world including Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa, South America, the Caribbean and North America [including Seattle].

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Manuel Vieira Ribeiro

Do you mean ALL(ie every)aircraft will have Janosch characters replacing T.Cook on the tails?

Not replacing, but there will be the addition of a character on the tail according to the airline.



Is it “Jonosch” or “Janosch”? You used “Jonosch” twice (including in the title), and “Janosch” twice.

Oops, his name is spelled, “Janosch,” thanks for catching that.


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