Photo from Southwest Airlines.

Photo from Southwest Airlines.

A few weeks ago someone sent me the photo above (I apologize, I forget who sent it to me, but thank you) and I had an instant emotional reaction. Classic AMC’s and a Boeing 737-200 all painted in classic Southwest Airlines livery? How can one not love that?

There was no information with the photo, but I knew exactly who to ask: Brian Lusk, Southwest Historian and a legit AvGeek. He was able to give me amazing background information on the story of the cars. Due to this not being a time-sensitive story, I did not get around to posting and feel it is a great tribute to Brian who passed away recently.

There are AvGeeks and then there are AVGEEKS. Brian was no question an amazing AvGeek, airline employee and friend. Without skipping a beat he was always able to give detailed historical information, not only on Southwest, but the airline business as a whole. He will be greatly missed in many circles and it a great loss to the aviation community and the world as a whole.

This has always been one of my favorite photos. Brian is in yellow and my father (in the green) was able to meet him during a media event.

This has always been one of my favorite photos. Brian is in yellow and my father (in the green) was able to meet him during a media event. Also Matt Molnar, another great AvGeek recently lost, is also in the photo.

Anyhow, these special AMC Gemlins and Pacers were used by Southwest sales staff to call on customers in the 1970s. That had to be an amazing site to see.

Want to learn more and see additional photos? Read one of Brian’s stories on Nuts about Southwest: One, Two, Three.

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Mark C. (OKC)

Never really noticed how small the engines looked on the 737-200. And talk about a potential PR risk…. Gremlins and passenger jets together? Hello? didn’t they see the Twilight Zone episode? Cool pics though. Thanks.

Mark C. (OKC)

Also, my thoughts and prayers to the Lusk family as Brian passed away last week. had a story up about him. Thanks for your aviation passion, Brian. You will be missed.

I had no idea. I posted this story yesterday, but just re-did it with my thoughts to Brian. He really was an amazing guy and feel bad that I had missed the news. I was just working with him on this story.


Mark C. (OKC)

my apoligies for not emailing you this news to you last week when I saw it. I meant to and just totally forgot until your story above reminded me of his passing. Nice tribute photo. Have happy thoughts for I’m sure Brian would want no less from you or any other person. Take care, David.

Fitting post DPB.

I hated writing that Brian had passed the other day, but what better way to honour him than in a blog post ?


Ryan Pierson

The cars in the photo above are AMC Pacers, not Gremlins.

Updated. Thanks.


Dan Jones

I sent it to you! At Jeremy’s house during #AGF13

Then a big thanks to you!


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