This is probably the worst livery I have ever designed. I am betting you can do better.

This is probably the worst livery I have ever designed. I am betting you can do better.

How rad would it be to design a custom livery and see it on a real plane? Your wish is All Nippon Airway’s (ANA) command. From now until September 30, 2012, you can submit a unique design for a livery on a Boeing 767 and if your design is chosen, it will be painted onto a real-life Boeing 767-300. You will also get free tickets to see the aircraft unveiled in Tokyo.

Do not worry if you have no Photoshop skills; you can download the entry form, color with crayons and mail it to Tokyo.

The contest is being held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of ANA, so use that as your creative starting point… or maybe not, since that is what I did.

Good luck!

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A fun contest for the art and livery-minded folks who hear about it. As a part of their ad program, I hope that ANA will also share 15-20 of the also-rans that do not their final cut. Airplane livery can be extrodinarily dull, but with a purpose (think USAF,) to genuine art in a few cases. Serious loads of paint can be heavy, so less is often better. The recent BLACK livery from NZ is reported to add 2 tonnes to the airplane’s weight. That costs them a lot in extra fuel and I have to wonder how serious they are about reducing fuel costs. Using the shape and native color as origin points, we’ll see what comes of this. Again, I would like to see the also-rans; as many may be as good as the winner to some eyes. A filler post, of course. Hope you are enjoying your weekend tour, courtesy of LAN.

It has been a while my friend!

I really hope that they share the almost-wons and do not worry, I will be asking for them.

No question that paint = money. But look at ANZ’s All Blacks. How much attention did they get from that unique livery? Probably well worth the extra cost.


I’m always here, David. If there is nothing to say, I don’t try to say it. To your credit, the writing seems to have improved a lot and I appreciate your effort. (If you want to chat privately, you can find my address.) The inagural flight on LAN’s first 787, the full, 12-hour+ moxy, sounds like great fun and I look forward to your reports. While LAN probably hosted your trip, even in coach, I suspect that the service and catering were “First” – let’s use ‘rate,’ not ‘class.’ . It is important to know that as 12+ hour flight in the back really is a survivable experience. WHen you get home from South Amerika, **sleep for 24 hours** and then begin composing your report. I look forward to reading same – and seeing your PIX. Best wishes, -C. and then compose

Please strike the last three words of my previous reply. Stuff happens.

That would be an awesome competition to win. Imagine, your own personalised flying machine!

Found this design by someone on YouTube. Looks really nice. Can’t see why this one didn’t get chosen for final other than paint cost/weight penalty. Very impressed.


This is awesome Steve — thanks for sharing.

And for those not on a mobile device, it is better to view it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fTLFPsHhKE


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