Tame Airlines Airbus A319. Image Sylvain2803 / Wikipedia / CC.

Tame Airlines Airbus A319. Image Sylvain2803 / Wikipedia / CC.

Tame Airlines (or TAME or tame) is the flag carrier of Ecuador and was founded in 1962. The airline mostly serves Ecuador, but also offers flights to Colombia, Panama, Venezuela and seasonally to Cuba.

Tame’s previously livery was unique and I have to admit better — almost. The biggest mistake with the old livery was keeping the nose cap white. Paint it to match the rest of the aircraft and you have yourself a livery that people will remember. Not to say that the new, almost all white, livery is bad, just not original, since many designs today contain too much white.

The airline has put in quite a bit of effort updating their fleet (they ran 727’s as recently as 2009) and they currently operate a fleet of 15 aircraft including the Airbus A319, A320, ATR 42-500, Embraer E170 and E190.

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