Here is a classic Piedmont Airlines TV commercial that seems to have aired sometime in the mid 1980’s. I wonder if the guy was able to get out of the way of the Boeing 727 behind him in time — I am guessing he was.

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Brian Lusk

Wow, that is almost a complete copy of the Southwest commercial from 1971 with the Flight Attendant walking down the runway. The only difference I can see is that the WN commercial has the aircraft taking off over her and the PI ad has the airplane stopping. Even the tone and phrasing of the narration and the music are similar.

Amusing. I’m guessing something from the back pocket when you want a needed a day off, perhaps to recover from some jet lag. Better luck tomorrow.

Well sir, with a full-time job outside the blog, girlfriend, house, friends and a social life that isn’t too shabby, sometimes there will be posts like these. The odd thing is that many times posting video like these, which take me five minutes to do, gets more traffic than something taking hours and hours — go figure.


Funny. I don’t understand it either. And yes, even bloggers need a day off!

This looks like it was done in front of a “blue” screen, so the actor/narrator was never in front of a plane to start with.

Thanks for mentioned our lovely region Piedmont!

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