Can you tell which aircraft and airlines these winglets belong to?

Can you tell which aircraft and airlines these winglets belong to?

It seems like this was a challenging contest. A few days ago I posted this photo and asked you to identify the airline and type of aircraft. I wasn’t sure how hard it might be. Turns out that no one got every answer correct.

Here are the official answers (click on the link to see the full photo):

#1 FedEx Airbus A300
#2 Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767
#3 Zero G Boeing 727
#4 Singapore Airlines Airbus A380
#5 Martinair MD-11
#6 Aeroflot Airbus A330
#7 US Airways, PSA Livery Airbus A319
#8 United (or Continental) Airlines Boeing 757
#9 Air Canada Embraer E-190
#10 JAZZ Bombardier CRJ200

All images were taken by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren.

The sixth one, the Aeroflot Airbus A330, turned out to be the biggest challenge for most people. I probably blurred the registration number under the wing too much, which helps to ID it as Aeroflot’s. Do not feel bad, out of all the guesses only two people got it right.

I really though #3 was going to be the most difficult, but many of you got that one right.

Since #1 and #6 were hard to actually ID the actual airline and no one got every answer correct, I am going to give shout outs to those few who got all by one aspect correct:
*Anthony H
* Arthur L
*  Jeremy D-L (although he took all these photos, so does that count?)
* Scott W
*  Keith G
* Andy W
* Cary L
* Brandon F

Thank you to everyone who participated. Doing these contests I am always beyond impressed with how well so many people do. I do not think I would have been able to get everyone of these correct. Please feel free to share and tips and hints on how you ID’d these photos correctly in the comments.

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No it doesn’t count! JDL needs to be handicapped. A perfect score for him should be zero.

While it may not be believable, I wasn’t even aware that several of the photos were mine until after I submitted my answers and was told so!

It was fun.

HaHa… just proves I’m not so much of an airline geek as people think. I managed 5 correct, 4 half correct and 1 complete fail !!!

Technically, #1, #4, and #7 aren’t ‘winglets’. Airbus refers to those wingtip devices as “Wingtip Fences.” 🙂

Blah, blah blah :).

Okay, for that you do get an award for being an uber AvGeek!


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