Who will win? You have an Etihad Airways Airbus A320, a race car and a jet powered motorcycle. What is interesting is this is an Australian newscast that is racing these three things in Abu Dhabi.

I am pretty sure that special Formula 1 livery on the A320 will help to give it a bit more power. Check the video to see how this one turns out.

Thanks to Allen and Joye for pointing this one out. 

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My Father Hitches A Ride on Southwest’s First Boeing 737-800

These drag races from a standing start never get old! Love it.

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Thanks, on a related note The Dirt bike videos that first hit the streets more than a decade ago such as the “Crusty” or “Terrafirma” series videos have been a big hit and are what many claim started the freeriding / freestyle revolution. These videos were packed full of what was considered then “sick hits” as the riders such as Seth Enslow and Mike Cinqmars (among others), were constantly pushing the limits by airing their bikes out across massive gaps, and over houses along with Seth’s infamous dune jumps, where he went way too far going off of a lip once, and not quite far enough another time, which put him down on top of a group of other riders bikes while they were taking a breather from riding and it is all caught on video for you to see. Oh…That’s just getting started, these videos also showcased some of the sports elite racers of the time such as Jeff Emig or Jeremy McGrath as they and others frequently made appearances on these videos when not racing, and were constantly going higher and further off of natural terrain jumps or man made dirt jumps sometimes built with little more than a shovel or a bobcat at most.


The Dutch air force and the Spyker F1 team held a similar race a while back. Can’t really find a good movie of it online, but this one is passable: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpHfY1vVa5Q

RH Hastings

The should have used a Formula 1 race car.

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