If you are not familiar with Frontier Airlines, each one of their aircraft have a different animal on the tail. It makes it fun for kids (heck, who are we fooling — everyone) to know which animal plane you are flying on. Frontier recently release two audition reels in hopes of motivating people to vote for the next animal to show on one of their tails.

So, view the video above, then check out audition reel part two and finally cast your vote!

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Arlene henderson

I like polly the parot, and make sure the animal is a female voice, and how about maybe Milo and Otis, than would be nice, Love your commercals, keep the animals, good idea

Estelle Petitt

I vote for Polly — a girl neds all the work she can get!

I agree with you even though I didn’t vote for Polly Parot she does need a really good job now she has a new job her job is to fly on the back of the frontier airlines tail.

Keep up all the great animals never ever give up all the awesomeness of all the animals like the Dolphin,bunny,bear,and all the wonderful animals that are amazing people everyday.SO NEVER STOP WITH THE ANIMALS!

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